Test Sites

Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP): Test Site for Air Vehicles 

  • One of only six FAA selected UAS Test Sites
  • Led by Virginia Tech
  • Services
    • UAS training for:
      • News coverage/videography
      • Infrastructure inspection
      • First responder/disaster response
    • Flight testing. Recent examples:
      • Package delivery
      • Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) inspection
    • Key advantages:
      • Access to numerous test ranges
      • Nationwide flight authorization
      • Strong relationship with FAA

Click here to visit the MAAP website. 

VTTI: Test Site for Ground Vehicles


  • VTTI houses the largest group of driving safety researchers in the world
  • #1 U.S.-based transportation research institute in terms of contracts and grants received
  • Has been conducting work into next-generation vehicular technology for more than 15 years
    • $30M+ in research and development of connected-vehicle systems and infrastructure
    • Successfully partnered with 32 subcontractors—including GM and Google—for a NHTSA contract worth up to $25M across 5 years to study human factors and cybersecurity issues related to automated vehicles
    • Additional ongoing automated-vehicle projects with NHTSA, GM and Google

Virginia Automated Corridors (Unveiled June 2015)

  • Developed by VTTI in partnership with VDOT, Virginia DMV, HERE (a high-definition mapping business) and Transurban (operator of I-95 high-occupancy toll lanes)
  • Developed in response to Governor’s Proclamation declaring Virginia “open for business” to automated-vehicle work under the leadership of VTTI Center for Automated Vehicle Systems
  • More than 70 miles of interstates and arterials to support development, testing, certification and deployment of automated vehicles
  • Uses a system migration path from test-track environments (Virginia Smart Road and Virginia International Raceway) to operational roadways in Northern Virginia (I-66, I-495, I-95, U.S. 29 and U.S. 50)
  • Builds on connected-vehicle capabilities offered via the Virginia Connected Corridors, which are equipped with both DSRC and cellular technology
  • Already great interest from auto manufacturers and suppliers