Aeroprobe Corporation is a global producer of fully integrated air data systems that greatly improve the stability and safety of unmanned aircraft used in research, commercial and defense applications by delivering accurate air data to a flight controller or remote pilot in real-time

Moog Components Group provides high-performance motion and power/data product solutions to unmanned systems for air, land and sea.

TORC Robotics, Inc. (TORC®) is a leading provider of unmanned and autonomous ground vehicle solutions that has a proven track record of successfully integrating robotic systems and components onto many different vehicles in several industries, including mining haul trucks, tractors, AITVs and automobiles.

VPT designs and manufactures DC-DC power converters for military, aerospace and satellite applications.  All of the US and NATO UAVs (including the Predator) employ VPT power converters designed and manufactured here in Virginia. 

Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc. (AFT) advocates the advancement of UAS in the workforce and specializes in design, development and production of industry specific aircraft, UAS training and offers FAA exempted contract services across the country.

Techsburg, Inc. is a provider of aerospace engineering services and supports many unmanned aircraft programs with wind tunnel testing and specializing in low-noise propulsion system research and development.

AVEC, Inc. provides expert technical assistance in the field of noise and vibration control of mechanical systems principally for the aerospace industry, including the design and measurement of quiet propellers.