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Cultivating Trust in Autonomous Systems. Do we know all we need to know?

October 15, 2017 - October 17, 2017

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A symposium on unmanned systems for air, land and water.

October 15 – 17, 2017 – Blacksburg, Virginia

This two day experience will highlight issues and pursue answers for questions the industry is facing in the certification, evaluation, and regulation of unmanned systems. Plenary speakers, interactive panels, and demonstrations will feature leaders from industry, government and education. Participants will spend time at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the largest state transportation research group in the US, and visit with the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, one of seven federally-approved test ranges for unmanned aerial systems in the US. Participants can also be a part of a “tournament of champions” that will feature students from universities and colleges across Virginia participating in competitive poster sessions on technology development, unmanned systems applications, curricular development and fundamental research in autonomous systems.

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Featuring Keynote Speaker: James Ryan Burgess, Co-Lead of Project Wing
James is the Co-lead of Project Wing — a project of X, which aims to incubate new breakthroughs in science or technology that could solve huge problems affecting the world. One of the founding members of the team, he is the inventor on a number of patents related to Project Wing. 
About Project Wing 
Project Wing is developing an unmanned aerial delivery system that we hope could open new approaches to the transportation and delivery of goods—options that are cheaper, faster and more environmentally sensitive than what’s possible today on the ground. In September 2016, we made our first autonomous flights and deliveries to people in the U.S, delivering burritos to staff and students at Virginia Tech at an FAA-approved unmanned aircraft test site.  As we continue to refine our vehicle design, delivery system, and UAS traffic management solution (UTM), we’re increasingly optimistic about the potential for UAS to make aerial delivery a useful part of everyday life.  Project Wing was started at X (formerly Google X) in 2012.



Featured Keynote Speaker: Andrew Lacher, MITRE
Andrew Lacher has over 30 years of systems engineering experience mostly in the aviation and transportation systems domain. He currently has a leadership role in defining The MITRE Corporation’s research strategy in unmanned and autonomous systems. He is focused on the safe and secure integration of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in civil airspace as well as methods to calibrate the trustworthiness of autonomous systems.

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Program highlights:

  • Trust & Certification
    • Trust/Security in Autonomous Systems
    • Autonomous Driving/Vehicular Networks
    • Certifiable Autonomous Systems
    • Human-Robot Trust
  • Emerging Topics
    • Multi-Vehicle Coordination
    • Applications
    • Maritime
    • Autonomous Infrastructure Inspection
  • Demos
    • Ground vehicle demonstrations
    • Air vehicle demonstrations

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Keynotes:
    • Scott Miller, Director of Autonomous Vehicle Integration, General Motors
    • James Ryan Burgess, Co-Lead of Project Wing
    • Andrew Lacher, MITRE
  • Speakers / panelists from Industry / Government / Education:
    • Nanci Hardwick, Aeroprobe
    • Mike Crowe, Kollmorgen
    • Rick Simon, Spatial Integrated Systems
    • Michael Fleming, TORC Robotics
    • Jessica Lascara and Matthew Pollack, MITRE
    • Ed Hines, Hazon Solutions
    • Zak Johns, Unreal Worx UAS
    • Dennis Bushnell and Dave Hinton, NASA Langley Research Center
    • Chris Carter, Virginia Space Grant Consortium
    • John McGee, GeoTED Project
    • Jon Selby, Autonomous Systems Center of Excellence, Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Wes Ryan, Small Airplane Directorate, FAA
    • National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • NSWC Dahlgren
    • Andy Alden, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
    • Ella Atkins, University of Michigan
    • Jonathan Washburn, Liberty University
    • Barry Horowitz, University of Virginia
    • Donglai Gong, William & Mary
    • Jeff Levy, Barney Blankenship, and Robert Harrison, New River Community College
    • Valarie Palamountain, Piedmont Virginia Community College
    • Steve Cook, Northrop Grumman
    • Ben Goldman, NSWC Dahlgren
    • Tom McMahon, Automated Vehicles Symposium
  • Virginia Tech Faculty:
    • Craig Woolsey, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
    • Dan Stilwell, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Ryan Williams, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Pratap Tokekar, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Tomonari Furukawa, Mechanical Engineering
    • Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
    • Ryan Gerdes, Electrical and Computer Engineering


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October 15, 2017
October 17, 2017